Summer School: Remote Sensing for Polar Scientists

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Summer School: Remote Sensing for Polar Scientists

Jennifer Hall
Summer School: Remote Sensing for Polar Scientists, University of Reading, 20th – 22nd July 2011 

The UKPN, in partnership with the National Center for Earth Observation, the Earth Observation technology cluster, and ESA, are proud to present a 3 day summer school aimed at early doctoral students working in Polar or cryospheric remote sensing.

Modern remote sensing techniques have improved our understanding of the cryosphere, allowing for observation of large areas (e.g. the Arctic Ocean, Greenland, or the Antarctic Ice Sheet) and facilitating studies of glaciers in remote and/or rugged zones (e.g. Patagonia & the Himalaya). A staggering variety of Earth observation methods have been used to study the cryosphere, and research frontiers continue to press forward.

We aim to introduce a variety of new techniques to those at the beginning of their academic career. Sessions will include a mixture of lectures and practicals. Practical sessions will either be self led, with the day’s speakers on hand to provide guidance, or led by demonstration. Planned sessions include: Satellite Remote Sensing of the Poles, including the Cryosat mission; Lidar Remote Sensing, Integrated modeling and Earth Observation & open source Remote Sensing & GIS tools.

To register your interest in attending this summer school, and to help us plan relevant sessions by voting for the topics that most interest you, please use the following link

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