Table of Contents: Advances in Polar Science 31(3)

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Table of Contents: Advances in Polar Science 31(3)

Table of Contents: Advances in Polar Science 31(3)

Advances in Polar Science

2017/2018 RearchGate Journal Impact: 1.05

Indexed/abstracted in Elsevier product(s), such as Scopus Database, from 31(3), 2020

All papers published on Advances in Polar Science are freely available online


Volume 31, Issue 3, 2020

The full table of contents and links to articles can be found at

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Opinion Editorial

1. The SPLASH Action Group – Towards standardized sampling strategies in permafrost science

Frédéric BOUCHARD, Yannick AGNAN, Lisa BRÖDER, Julien FOUCHÉ, Catherine HIRST, Ylva SJÖBERG & the SPLASH team



2. Hybrid energy module for remote environmental observations, experiments, and communications


3. Carbon dioxide fluxes of tundra vegetation communities on an esker top in the low-Arctic     

Peter M. LAFLEUR, A. Brett CAMPEAU & Sohee KANG

4. Effects of sunlight on tundra nitrous oxide and methane fluxes in maritime Antarctica

BAO Tao, ZHU Renbin, YE Wenjuan & XU Hu

5. Spatial variation in grain-size population of surface sediments from northern Bering Sea and western Arctic Ocean: Implications for provenance and depositional mechanisms

WANG Weiguo, YANG Jichao, ZHAO Mengwei, DONG Linsen, JIANG Min & HUANG Erhui

6 First description of scleractinian corals from the Santa Marta and Snow Hill Island (Gamma Member) formations, Upper Cretaceous, James Ross Island, Antarctica   

Roberto VIDEIRA-SANTOS, Sandro Marcelo SCHEFFLER, Luiza Corral Martins de Oliveira PONCIANO, Luiz Carlos WEINSCHÜTZ, Rodrigo Giesta FIGUEIREDO, Taissa RODRIGUES, Juliana Manso SAYÃO, Douglas Santos RIFF & Alexander Wilhelm Armin KELLNER

7. Sleep architecture, periodic breathing and mood disturbance of expeditioners at Kunlun Station (4087 m) in Antarctica       

XU Chengli, LIU Shiying, KONG Zhanping & CHEN Nan



8. Sino-Russian cooperation on the sustainable utilization of Arctic biological resources: modernizing traditional knowledge

Ying LUO, Li YANG, Andrew Alexandrovich LOBANOV, Sergei Vasilevich ANDRONOV & Lidiya Petrovna LOBANOVA


Assistant Editors: Xiaoliang Ling, Jing Huang

Email: [hidden email]


Editorial Office of Advances in Polar Science

Polar Research Institute of China

451 Jinqiao Road, Pudong New Area

Shanghai 200136


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