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Tenure-track Faculty position in modelling of weather hazards - UQAM

Francesco Salvatore Rocco Pausata
Tenure-track Faculty position in modelling of weather hazards at the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences of the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM).
The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) is seeking applicants for a tenure-track Faculty position in modelling of weather hazards.
A candidate is sought with expertise in modelling of weather hazards, for the study and high-resolution simulation of interactions between the atmosphere, precipitations and water (in all phases) on the Earth surface, land and oceans.
The target hiring date is June 1st 2021, subject to final budgetary approval.
The Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department offers programs in atmospheric sciences at both the undergraduate and graduate levels (BSc, MSc and PhD). The department houses the Centre ESCER (http://www.escer.uqam.ca/l), which is internationally renowned for its contributions to the fields of regional climate modelling, data assimilation, remote sensing, radiation, cloud and precipitation physics, the impact of aerosols on climate, land-atmosphere interactions and feedbacks, and hydro-meteorological extremes.

Position summary
- Supervise and teach at the graduate and undergraduate levels
- Research in the area of interest
- Community services

Requirements for the position
- PhD in Atmospheric Sciences or a related discipline at the time of the appointment
- Interest in teaching and supervision of student projects at the undergraduate and graduate levels
- To be able to develop an ambitious research program in the targeted field
- Excellent research track record with publications in peer-reviewed journals
- Strong communication skills (oral and written) in both French and English

To have relevant experience in teaching and supervising student projects as well as coordinating and managing a research group.
Starting date: June 1, 2021
Salary: According to the collective agreement UQAM-SPUQ.
UQAM is an equal opportunity institution. Women, natives, members of visible minorities, ethnic minorities and handicapped persons who meet the requirements for this position are encouraged to apply. Candidates who identify with one of these groups are encouraged to complete the Identification Questionnaire (available at the address below) and attach it to their application:
www.rhu.uqam.ca/visiteurs/egalite/QuestionnaireAccesEgalite.pdf .
While all qualified candidates may apply, priority will be given to Canadian citizens as well as to Canadian permanent residents.

How to Apply
The application must include a cover letter, a statement of research interests (maximum 2 pages), a statement of teaching philosophy (1 page), a complete CV; please include all documents in a single PDF file. Also ask three references to send recommendation letters to support your candidacy. All material must be sent to [hidden email] with copy to beauchemin.france@uqam and received before January 4, 2021, Midnight Eastern Time.

About Montreal:
Montreal retained its title as best student city in North America in the 2019 QS Best Student Cities index and the Greater Montréal region has the highest number of university students per capita among all metropolitan areas in North America.
The city of Montréal is world-renowned as a centre of culture, creativity, knowledge and innovation. In 2017 the city celebrated its 375th anniversary, along with Canada’s 150th birthday. The combination of Indigenous, North American and European influences gives this city a unique cultural and architectural flavour. It enjoys an outstanding reputation for its arts scene, including (among others) the world-renowned Jazz Festival which takes place in late June – early July each year. Montréal’s cosmopolitan character is reflected in the vibrant and diverse communities that make up the city, and its excellent international cuisine.
Montréal is well known as a vibrant, safe city and  it was also the first North American city to be designated a UNESCO City of Design in 2006. The city has over 1000 parks and green spaces and 450 km of bike paths. Central to the city’s green spaces are Mont-Royal in the centre of Montréal, the parks situated on the islands of the St. Lawrence River, and Montréal’s extensive Botanic Garden.
Montréal is easily accessible from all parts of the world, with excellent air links. The airport is 20 minutes’ journey from the downtown core. The city boasts an efficient public transit system comprising a network of bus and Metro (subway) routes.

Francesco S.R. Pausata

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