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Testing a solution to Conference email traffic

Todd Albert

First, I apologize for the extra traffic in your inboxes, but you WILL want to read this.

List members have been generally happy with the list, but one huge complaint remains: the heavy traffic regarding conference session announcements, especially before EGU and AGU conferences. We don't want to silence these, but it has been requested over and over that these be combined into single emails when possible.

Good news on that front – it seems as though my co-CRYOLIST-honcho, Chris Marsh, may have come to a near-perfect solution. We know we can never please everyone, but this seems to be a fantastic compromise.

*** From now on, all conference-related posts MUST be sent to [hidden email] ***

[hidden email] is a separate list that will collect all of the conference-related emails and then send them to the main list (all of us) in a digest form (with a table of contents and everything).

You do not need to do anything else. You need not change your subscription or do anything else.

I hope this solution is pleasing to (almost?) everyone. 

Don't forget, you can always set your CRYOLIST membership to digest-mode, too, if you are receiving too many emails. Or, do like many of us and filter your email.

By the way, CRYOLIST now reaches over 2800 members! As of a few moments ago, 2020 of us receive emails in non-digest mode, and 794 of us receive CRYOLIST in digest mode.

Thanks for sticking with us and for using the list.

And remember, all conference-related emails should now go to [hidden email]

One final request. Go read http://emailcharter.org/ and apply these rules to CRYOLIST whenever possible!


Todd Albert, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Meteorology
201-C Johnson EPS
University of Tennessee at Martin
Live Weather Blog: http://tnmesonet.org/

Too short? Here's why: http://emailcharter.org/

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