The EGU Cryoblog is looking for guest authors! Maybe you?

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The EGU Cryoblog is looking for guest authors! Maybe you?

marie cavitte
Dear fellow cryolisters,

Need a break from reading academic papers but still want to read about cryospheric sciences? Then have a look at the EGU Cryosphere Division blog ( We post every Friday to divulge scientific news and fun cryo-facts to the larger scientific community but also the general public. Most of our posts are written by guest authors who are free to write about any topic related to the Cryosphere Division.

In this context, the EGU Cryosphere blog is currently actively looking for guest authors motivated to write a blog post about their cryo-research, cryo-fun facts, life as a cryo-scientist, etc, in the coming months. We can assure you that it is a very fun and enriching experience! And don't worry if you're not familiar with it, the editorial team is there to guide you along the way. We also make sure to advertise your blog post on both Twitter & Facebook platforms to maximize your outreach impact.

Interested? Then get in touch with us by sending an email to Violaine Coulon ([hidden email]) and Marie Cavitte ([hidden email]).


The EGU Cryoblog team

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