Three AGU Sessions complement in their focuses on Arctic Observing: Abstracts invited!

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Three AGU Sessions complement in their focuses on Arctic Observing: Abstracts invited!

Matthew Druckenmiller

The three AGU sessions listed below are coordinating given their complementary focuses on Arctic observing. While there is some overlap, these may be distinguished by the first's focus on specific applications of Earth observations to support end-users, the second's focus on the necessary elements of Arctic observing to ensure societal benefit, and the third's focus on indicators that are used track and communicate the state of Arctic climate system.

Because first authors may submit one additional abstract to a Public Affairs session, it is possible that an author could submit two complementary talks -- one to the first session below and another to either the second or third, which are both Cryosphere sessions. Those considering this are encouraged to contact the primary conveners first.

1.  The Role and Impact of a Pan-Arctic Observing Network in Delivering Societal Benefits (PA035)
Submissions that describe specific applications of Earth observations, information products, and indicators by Arctic end-users to support the delivery of services, meet operational and research objectives, or inform decisions are encouraged. In this session, methods for identifying and quantifying the contribution of, or need for, Earth observations in the Arctic and case studies that examine the application of Earth observations to the delivery of societal benefit in the Arctic are also of interest.
Full Description
Primary Convener: Steven Lev ([hidden email]), Science and Technology Policy Institute

2.  Foundations for Sustained Arctic Observing: Connecting Observational Networks to Societal Benefit (C012)
This session is encouraging abstracts that address components of a sustained Arctic Observing Network that are necessary for providing societal benefit across and beyond the Arctic. For example, submission may address, but are not limited to, technical components of observing systems, community based monitoring, collaborative approaches for leveraging observing assets, and best practices for delivering information and data services to stakeholders.
Full Description
Primary Convener:  Matthew Druckenmiller ([hidden email]), National Snow and Ice Data Center

3. Indicators of Arctic Climate Variability and Change (C018) 
This session is inviting abstracts that explore indicators focused on the high-latitude earth system that improve our understanding and ability to predict links and feedbacks between various components of the Arctic natural and social system. Papers are encouraged on indicators that utilize existing and planned observational data in the Arctic in addition to those based on models.  Submissions may focus on physical, biological, or chemical processes or human dimensions.
Full Description
Primary Convener:  Uma Bhatt ( [hidden email]), University of Alaska Fairbanks

The abstract submission deadline is August 2. Submit here:

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