Tipping points and (in)stabilities in polar climate components: vEGU21

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Tipping points and (in)stabilities in polar climate components: vEGU21

Dave Chandler
Good morning & happy new year from sunny Bergen…

If you haven’t submitted your EGU abstract yet, please consider our session CL3.1.5 “Tipping points and (in)stabilities in polar climate components”. In this broad session we are particularly interested in feedbacks between ice, ocean and atmosphere that may contribute to rapid ice loss from Greenland or Antarctica. We welcome contributions based on model simulations, modern observations and paleo evidence. For submission details & for more information please go to https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU21/session/40790.
Conveners: David Chandler, Petra Langebroek, Ronja Reese, Annika Seppälä & Ricarda Winkelmann.
Have a great 2021.



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