Two Ph.D. positions linking basal motion, glacier hydrology, and seismology

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Two Ph.D. positions linking basal motion, glacier hydrology, and seismology

Bartholomaus, Timothy (
The University of Idaho Glacier Dynamics Group seeks applicants for two new NASA- and NSF-funded Ph.D. student opportunities.  

Graduate students in these two positions will better understand the connections between glacier motion and subglacial hydrology through seismological and other geophysical methods.  Fast glacier and ice sheet flow is one of the most important contributors to future sea level rise.  This fast glacier flow is significantly regulated by the amount and state of water at the glacier bed, but the specific linkages between glacier hydrology and ice flow are unclear.  

The successful applicants will have the opportunity to develop new understanding regarding glacier hydrology and ice flow through unique measurements and theory.  These projects include opportunities for field work on Alaskan glaciers, but participation in field work is not required.

To learn more about these two projects, Spring melt and basal slip at Wolverine Glacier and Basal slip during a Turner Glacier surge, please visit

Applicants from diverse and non-traditional backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.  Students with strong quantitative skills, enthusiasm for scientific computing and geophysics, and a commitment to challenging oneself and learning through the process will be most likely to succeed.  The University of Idaho, in Moscow, Idaho, is the state‚Äôs flagship research university and is found in a beautiful, vibrant, affordable town, with excellent nearby outdoor opportunities throughout northern Idaho and the Inland Northwest.

Please be in touch if you have any questions about these positions or the application process.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tim Bartholomaus

Timothy C. Bartholomaus (he/him)

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Geological Sciences - University of Idaho
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