Two fully-funded PhD positions at Delft University of Technology

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Two fully-funded PhD positions at Delft University of Technology

Wouters, B. (Bert)
Dear Cryolist,

We are currently advertising two fully-funded PhD positions at Delft University of Technology:

1. Historical Changes of Antarctic Glaciers from Photogrammetry - Deadline 16 November
In this project, you will unlock the potential of a vast archive of aerial photographs, obtained by the U.S. Navy since the 1940s, along ten thousands of kilometers spanning the Antarctic continent. Using the overlap between consecutive acquisitions in a Structure from Motion photogrammetry approach - combined with recent developments in high performance computing and image pattern recognition - you will derive digital elevation models of the Antarctic Peninsula, dating back more than five decades. These models will be compared to present-day elevation data, for example from satellite photogrammetry and LiDAR altimetry (ICESat-2).

2. Improved Ice Sheet Mass Change Estimates from Remote Sensing - Deadline 30 November
In this project, you will combine the complementary strengths of gravimetry and altimetry, exploiting their differences in spectral and process characteristics in a statistical framework informed by a-priori information from, e.g., surface mass balance models, ice flow velocity models, and GIA models. The ultimate goal of your work is to provide regional estimates of mass changes of the ice sheet together with a robust uncertainty assessment; separate the contribution of ice dynamics and surface processes such as snowfall and melt; and identify temporal variations in these processes through a state-space approach.

Please feel free to circulate widely among potentially interested candidates. 

Many thanks, 

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