UNAVCO Antarctic Support: Changes in Process for 2010-11 Field Season

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UNAVCO Antarctic Support: Changes in Process for 2010-11 Field Season

Bjorn Johns
  CRYOLIST Mailing
This notice applies only to investigators requesting UNAVCO support as
part of the US Antarctic Program Support Information Package (SIP) in

Investigators who are requesting UNAVCO resources for geodetic GPS,
LiDAR, and power systems for the upcoming 2010-11 Antarctic field season
are alerted a procedural change in the support request process. The
completion of the UNAVCO on-line support request form, at
facility.unavco.org, is required at the time of POLAR ICE SIP
submission. This is in addition to completing the appropriate form in
POLAR ICE (under Services). UNAVCO staff will contact you based on this
submission to discuss your project needs and provide a letter of support

UNAVCO and Raytheon Polar Services Company are streamlining the
mechanics of requesting UNAVCO support and moving the request details
from POLAR ICE to the standard UNAVCO project support request form. We
expect this to allow for better planning and tracking of project
requirements. Your patience is appreciated as during this transition you
may be asked to provide duplicate information. Any questions may be
directed to Bjorn Johns.

Bjorn Johns
UNAVCO Polar Services Manager
6350 Nautilus Dr, Boulder, CO 80301
[hidden email]
(303) 381-7470  (720) 320-7531 cell
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