US CLIVAR Variations & Broadcast: Polar ocean and sea ice interactions

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US CLIVAR Variations & Broadcast: Polar ocean and sea ice interactions

Kristan Uhlenbrock

The 2017 summer edition of US CLIVAR Variations, with guest editor Sonya Legg (Princeton U.), is themed: "Polar ocean and sea ice interactions." 

Read here:

The Arctic and Antarctic regions have very different ocean circulations, which has a resulting influence on sea ice cover. And sea ice can alter the ocean circulation beyond the immediate polar regions. In this edition of Variations, the contributors focus on describing and understanding the interactions between ocean circulation and sea ice, in addition to highlighting new observational and modeling opportunities. 

Articles featured in this edition:

  • Recent changes in Arctic sea ice and ocean circulation (Kwok and Morison)
  • An Arctic Ocean in transition (Stroeve et al.)
  • Improving our understanding of Antarctic sea ice with NASA's Operation IceBridge and the upcoming ICESat-2 mission (Petty et al.)
  • What processes drive Southern Ocean sea ice variability and trends? (Donohoe and Blanchard-Wrigglesworth)

Join us for a live broadcast during the US CLIVAR Summit, featuring contributing authors, on August 8 from 5:45-7:45 pm ET. 

More information available at

Kristan Uhlenbrock

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