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USPA Permafrost Monthly Alerts

Oliver W. Frauenfeld
New U.S. Permafrost Association Service: Permafrost Monthly Alerts

The USPA (<>), together with the American
Geosciences Institute (AGI), is pleased to provide free Permafrost
Monthly Alerts (PMAs):


The service began in January 2012, and five PMAs are meanwhile
available. Each PMA represents a listing of the permafrost-related
materials added to the GeoRef Information Services during the previous
month. The AGI GeoRef service regularly scans the contents of over 3500
journals in 40 languages from the global geosciences literature,
comprised of approximately 345 different sources. In addition to
journals, special publications such as papers in proceedings and
hard-to-find publications are provided. Where available, a direct link
to the publication is included, which provides access to the full
document (if you or your institution have a current online subscription).

If you have any questions or feedback about this service, please contact
us at <[hidden email]>. We hope this will be a valuable resource
to the cryospheric community.

Oliver Frauenfeld
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