Uncertainty in Recent and Future Sea-Level Change - AGU 2019 Session

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Uncertainty in Recent and Future Sea-Level Change - AGU 2019 Session

Robel, Alexander A
Dear colleagues,

You are invited to submit an abstract to the session Uncertainty in Recent and Future Sea-Level Change (GC087) at the upcoming AGU Fall Meeting taking place in San Francisco on December 9-13, 2019.

The session description and a link to the abstract submission website are included below.

Alexander Robel (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Aimée Slangen (NIOZ)
Erica Ashe (Rutgers)

Submission link: https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm19/prelim.cgi/Session/76965

Session Description:
Estimates of recent sea-level rise and projections of future change are subject to considerable uncertainty, associated with gaps in observations, an imperfect understanding of earth system processes, and internal variability in the Earth system. Robust estimates and projections of sea level are critical for stakeholders and communities developing strategies to adapt to ongoing changes and mitigate future risks. This session focuses on understanding the sources of uncertainty in estimates of sea-level rise during the instrumental era and in projections of future sea-level change. We invite contributions that use statistical, computational, mathematical, or observational approaches to understand, quantify, or decrease uncertainties in estimates and projections of sea-level change at local, regional or global scales, and associated with processes in the ocean, cryosphere, solid Earth, atmosphere, and/or on land. We especially encourage contributions that explore new methods for reconstructing 20th century sea-level change and probabilistic projections of future sea-level change.

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