Upcoming ACCAP Alaska Climate Webinar (10/13/15): A One Health Approach to Climate Change

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Upcoming ACCAP Alaska Climate Webinar (10/13/15): A One Health Approach to Climate Change

Tina Buxbaum
Not sure if we are in winter or fall.  Crazy snow and rain! On a different note, we have a webinar scheduled for TuesdayOctober 13, 2015 at 10am AK time.  Mike Brubaker of the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium will present a webinar titled:

A One Health Approach to Climate Change

The Alaska One Health Group was formed in early 2013, an initiative of the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Center for Climate and Health, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Arctic Investigations Program. The group includes environmental, health, and wildlife professionals from Western Canada and Alaska. The group meets quarterly to share information on activities, to discuss emerging One Health issues, to consider events that are indicative of environment and climate change and to provide a forum for identifying areas of common interest and collaboration. The group is innovative in its use of social media, mapping, and a network of local environmental observers to inform about emerging One Health issues.  

This presentation will describe the One Health Group structure and present a case study of how local observations have been applied within the group to raise awareness and develop collaborative responses. 
Registration and more information available at: https://accap.uaf.edu/one_health



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