Urgent: Looking for a candidate for a Postdoc Fellowship related to sea ice

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Urgent: Looking for a candidate for a Postdoc Fellowship related to sea ice

Sara Fleury
Following-up important recent advancements in sea ice thickness observations, the LEGOS laboratory (Toulouse, France), reinforces its Sea Ice team. In this context, we are looking for a candidate for the Living Planet ESA postdoc Fellowship. The candidate will participate to the development and the improvement of the longest sea ice thickness time series ever observed using satellite altimetry (ERS1/2, Envisat, Cryosat, Saral, Sentinel-3). He will also be in charge of the scientific analysis of the sea ice dynamics and its decadal variations as retreived from  the altimetric product. This analysis includes comparison with other altimetric products from other teams and  comparison with products based on independent data (including models which assimilate observations).  

The candidate should have scientific expertises in some of the following thematics: sea ice dynamics; sea ice observation and models; altimetry; ocean circulation; satellite observation. The answer to the proposal, that will focus on the decadal sea ice volume variations, will be elaborated in coordination with the candidate. The deadline for the Fellowship being very short (February 22nd), please contact us as soon as possible. According to the ESA proposal, the candidate must be no older than 35 years and must have the nationality from an ESA Member States. The full ESA proposal can be seen there: http://livingplanetfellowship.esa.int

Contacts: sara.fleury, benoit.meyssignac at legos.obs-mip.fr

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