VACANCY REMINDER: Glacier Geophysicist at the British Antarctic Survey

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VACANCY REMINDER: Glacier Geophysicist at the British Antarctic Survey

King, Edward C.
VACANCY: GLACIER GEOPHYSICIST: Closing date 19 February 2012

The British Antarctic Survey has a vacancy for a Glacier Geophysicist.
The appointment is open-ended and based in Cambridge, with fieldwork in Antarctica.
Closing date for applications is 19 February 2012.
Interviews are scheduled for the week commencing 19 March 2012.

Full details can be found at:

For informal enquiries, please contact either

Dr. Andy Smith [hidden email]  Tel: +44 (0)1223 221481 or Dr. Edward King. [hidden email]  Tel: +44 (0)1223 221580

Please bring this opportunity to the attention of any colleagues who might be interested in the post.

We wish to appoint an experienced researcher to join a team studying the processes that control glacial flow, with particular emphasis on conditions at the bed of ice streams and glaciers.

Earth's ice cover has a significant influence on oceans and climate, and understanding its dynamics and evolution is a prerequisite to assessing its future impacts. We use a number of geophysical techniques, including seismic and ice-penetrating radar systems, to study glacial and subglacial conditions, to produce detailed maps of sub-glacial bedforms and basal water distribution, and to derive the physical properties of sub-glacial sediments. We also use GPS and other glaciological and geophysical techniques (e.g. ice coring, gravity).

You will be keen, motivated and committed with a strong academic background, an enthusiasm for fieldwork, and an adaptable and innovative approach. Your job will be:
* To help plan and undertake fieldwork, initially in Antarctica, using radar, seismic and GPS equipment.
* To process and interpret the data.
* To publish the results in scientific papers and at conferences.
You will also be involved in analysis and publication of existing datasets and in the development of research proposals for future work in both polar regions. Fieldwork will initially be on Larsen Ice Shelf, east of the Antarctic Peninsula during the 2012/13 field season, using seismic and radar to map the ocean bed beneath the ice. You will contribute to the maintenance and deployment of glaciological and geophysical equipment.
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