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Vacancy - British Antarctic Survey - Numerical Modeller for Palaeo-Ice-Sheets

Davis, Karen
Numerical Modeller for Palaeo-Ice-Sheets

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS), part of the Natural Environment Research Council, aims to undertake a world-class programme of scientific research, and to sustain for the UK an active and influential regional presence and a leadership role in Antarctic affairs.  
The position is funded by two projects where you will be working with Richard Hindmarsh at BAS. In the first two years you will be modelling the retreat of the Antarctic ice-sheet in the Weddell Sea sector from its maximum size at the last-glacial maximum, and running a higher resolution model of the Foundation ice-stream, both using existing in-house code.  This project is part of a collaboration between BAS and Prof. Mike Bentley and Dr. Andreas Vieli of Durham University. During this time you will be required to spend extended periods working at Durham working with their high-resolution code.

In the remaining 19 months, you will be running models of the Antarctic and Greenland ice-sheets. This forms part of the EU Past4Future project,  which has collaborators within BAS and a large number of collaborators througout Europe. The Past4Future project looks at the present and last inter-glacials. The modelling activities are aimed at understanding how these ice-sheets reacted to changing conditions, and in particular looking at the role of grounding line retreat in ice-sheet dynamics.

In both projects you will perform simulations of the ice-sheet in the past, assist in the preparation of data sets for input to models, write papers and make presentations. Training in these techniques will be provided in-post with a longer term view for you to develop into an all-round ice-sheet modeller and glaciologist.

Salary will be in the range of £ to £ per annum. We offer a generous benefits package including a final salary pension scheme, free car parking, flexible working hours and 30 days annual leave.

On-line application forms and further information are available on our website at

These are also available from the Personnel Section, British Antarctic Survey, High Cross, Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0ET.  Tel: (01223) 221508.  

Please quote reference: BAS 31/10
Closing date for receipt of application forms is 9th May 2010 Interviews are scheduled to be held on 27th May 2010

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