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Vacancy: Postdoc opportunity at New York University (USA)


The Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (New York University) is seeking candidates for a three-year postdoc position.  As part of a recent NASA-funded project, the postdoc will work with the Principle Investigator (D. Holland) and researchers in the ice-ocean group at NYU (C. Gladish), along with several outside collaborators (from U Wash, BAS, Penn State).  

Periodic changes in the extent and volume of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) were large and relatively abrupt during the early-Pliocene, which was slightly warmer than the present day climate (Naish et al Nature, 2009).  Understanding the process by which the marine-bedded WAIS collapses is necessary to constrain projections of its future behavior in the Anthropocene.  Many independent observations show that the Amundsen Sea sector of Antarctic is undergoing rapid changes today, with Pine Island Glacier (PIG) in particular continuing to accelerate and thin (Wingham, GRL 2009).  

Within this broad context, the specific purpose of the project is to use several data products in conjunction with numerical modeling to understand the influence of ocean-induced melting on the morphology and dynamics of PIG.  The floating ice shelf at PIG experiences tens of meters of melt per year due to contact with water several degrees above the freezing point.  To elucidate the pattern of ice shelf melting and subsequent glacier response, the postdoc will work with several outside collaborators to analyze InSAR satellite products, NASA Operation Ice Bridge data products, surface GPS and seismic data, and in situ ocean observations.  Taking advantage of recent advances in the glacier modeling community, the postdoc will also develop a numerical model of the ice shelf and upstream grounded ice which will be used to test hypotheses regarding the interplay of ocean-induced melting and the dynamics of the ice, which includes fracture and viscous flow.   

A recent PhD graduate interested in approaching this challenging problem with undivided commitment is desired. 

Essential qualifications include: PhD in Glaciology, Geodynamics, Applied Math, Physics or related field, a strong math and physics background, the ability to gain insight from observational data, strong Fortran or C++ background, and model development experience.  

Other desirable qualities are: continuum mechanics background, numerics background, experience with satellite data products, outreach experience, and observational field experience.  

Please send a CV along with the names and contact information of three references to D. Holland ([hidden email]) and C. Gladish ([hidden email]), preferable by Feb 28.  Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.  Inquiries regarding further details about the position are welcome.   Salary and benefits are strong.  The successful candidate will begin as soon as possible.

New York University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.



David Michael Holland 

Professor Math. & Atmos. Ocean Sci.

Director EFDL New York/Abu Dhabi

251 Mercer St, Rm 912                                  

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences    

New York University

New York, NY 10012 USA


Office: (212) 998-3245

Cell: (917) 520-8570   

Lab: (212) 998-3271

Email:  [hidden email]


Skype: david_m_holland


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