Vacancy: Postdoc opportunity at the University of Exeter

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Vacancy: Postdoc opportunity at the University of Exeter

Le-Brocq, Anne
Dear all,
A 1 year postdoctoral research position is available at the University of Exeter, as part of a NERC funded project: Airborne geophysical studies of Institute & Möller ice streams, West Antarctica. The position is scheduled to start on the 1st April 2012.

The post will involve applying a numerical model of ice sheet processes to the Institute and Moller Ice Streams, West Antarctica, in order to investigate past and future behaviour of the system.  The research will use newly collected geophysical data as a boundary condition, in order to investigate the response of the ice flow model to forcing from both the ocean and subglacial hydrological systems.  

Please see for further details.

The closing date for applications is the 20/02/2012.


Dr. Anne Le Brocq
NERC Research Fellow
College of Life and Environmental Sciences
University of Exeter!/exetergeography
+44 (0)1392 723833

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