Virtual Poster Session: "Get to know APECS!" 27 Jan, 16 GMT

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Virtual Poster Session: "Get to know APECS!" 27 Jan, 16 GMT

Angelika Renner
Apologies for any cross-posting!
Please distribute in your institutes and work groups and to any newcomers to polar research.

“Get to know APECS!” The APECS VPS call, January 2011- Thursday 27th, 16 GMT
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get to know APECS, what we do, and understand how our organization accomplishes to be involved in so many areas, offering amazing opportunities for early career scientists.
ExCom member Angelika Renner will introduce you to the governance and recent updates of APECS; Penelope Wagner (Discipline Coordinator for Geophysics and Sea Ice) will guide you through the APECS webpage, show you important features and tell you about research activities happening. Sílvia Lourenço will talk about the National Committees, what they do and opportunities to get involved on the example of APECS Portugal. Alexey Pavlov (Discipline Coordinator for Oceanography) will inform you about advantages helping with APECS and how to combine being involved in regards to time constrains and lack of funding. Jennifer Provencher (APECS Education and Outreach) will tell you about and how to get involved in Education and Outreach opportunities through APECS; and Kim Jochum (Research Activities Committee chair) will tell you who and what APECS actually is.
To join the call / chat room, you will need to go to:
Login in as guest and provide your name in the name box.
The session will be conducted through an online meeting system (Adobe Acrobat Connect) hosted by the University of Canterbury. There is a great easy to understand tutorial video showing you how to join one of these calls if you haven't before:
In case any questions remain on how to join the call etc – anything, please contact us: [hidden email][hidden email]
For more information on the VPS – please go to:
-The APECS Virtual Poster Session Working Group

Dr. Angelika Renner 

Norwegian Polar Institute
Tromsø, Norway

APECS ExCom member

office: +47 77750557
mobile: +47 48348828

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