WAIS Divide GPS base station

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WAIS Divide GPS base station

Seth White
Hello Cryolist,

Since 2005 UNAVCO has maintained a GPS base station at the WAIS Divide
camp, with GPS data available to the community during the austral summer
season. However this station, as it currently exists, is no longer
viable due to accumulation. We solicit community input to assist our
decision to either rebuild or remove the station. Specifically:

1. Have you ever used GPS data from this station in your work?

2. Do you anticipate needing such data in the coming seasons?

3. Would year-round GPS data provide greater benefit than summer-only data?

Thank you,


Seth White | UNAVCO Polar Services
6350 Nautilus Dr. Boulder CO 80301
303-381-7482 | 720-933-7584 cell
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