WCRP OSC Session - Ice Sheet Interactions

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WCRP OSC Session - Ice Sheet Interactions


A poster session on ice sheet interactions with the ocean and atmosphere in past, present, and future climates will be held during the upcoming WCRP Open Science Conference in Denver during October 24-28.  Abstract submission is now open until April 30.  More conference details here,

http://www.wcrp-climate.org/conference2011/, and the session abstract is below.



Ice sheet interactions with the ocean and atmosphere in past, present and future climate


Ayako Abe Ouchi (U. Tokyo, Japan), David Holland (NYU, USA), and William Lipscomb (LANL, USA)


Earths climate system presently supports two great ice sheets, Greenland and Antarctica, and in the not so distant past has supported others, the Laurentide and Eurasian Ice Sheets.   Changes in these ice sheets, on a wide variety of time scales, are driven by changes in the atmosphere and ocean.  The mechanisms behind slow and fast change are still not fully understood, despite their considerable importance because of the practical implications of ice sheet change, such as sea level rise.  The ice sheets are influenced by natural and forced variability, and the resulting changes in the ice sheet have influences back onto the atmosphere and ocean, through for example, albedo, topography, and freshwater influences.  In this session we solicit posters that cover the broad range of ice sheet science and its interaction with the climate system.  Approaches that are observational, theoretical, and modeling, including both process studies and large scale modeling studies are welcomed.






David Michael Holland 

Professor Math. & Atmos. Ocean Sci.

Director Center Atmos/Ocean Sci.

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Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences    

New York University

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Office: (212) 998-3245

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