Want to go to New Zealand? Like surveying Antarctica? - Sign up for SCAR session 40 - deadline this week!

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Want to go to New Zealand? Like surveying Antarctica? - Sign up for SCAR session 40 - deadline this week!

Pritchard, Hamish D.
The venue is Auckland, the meeting dates are 25th-28th August and here's the website: http://www.scar2014.com/

Note the abstract deadline: February 14th!

And here are the session details:

        Session 40: "Mapping Antarctica and the Southern Ocean: ADMAP, BEDMAP, IBCSO and other activities"

        Convenors: Hamish Pritchard (Bedmap2) and Jan Erik Arndt (IBCSO)

        Mapping on the ice-sheet and ocean scale represents the culmination of decades of dedicated survey work, demonstrates clearly the importance of international   collaboration at the core of the SCAR mission, and produces benchmark datasets that are fundamental to understanding the Earth system and predicting changes    therein. Data compilation, mapping and archiving are major SCAR efforts supported by dedicated international groups that help preserve and organize existing    data. Such compilations also highlight the gaps in our knowledge, and so point to the priority areas for future research. This session will focus on the progress       of current marine, airborne, land and satellite surveys and on the gaps: the priorities for future survey. We invite contributions from researchers involved in         polar data acquisition, management and sharing, and from those who depend on these large scale datasets and have an interest in guiding their future development.

Hamish Pritchard
British Antarctic Survey,
Cambridge, UK
+44 1223 221293

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