Water Cycle in a 1.5° Warmer World: Interdisciplinary Approaches

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Water Cycle in a 1.5° Warmer World: Interdisciplinary Approaches

Narelle Van Der Wel
For those of you who will attend the AGU Fall Meeting and who are interested in water and climate, the following half-day workshop may be of interest. The deadline for applications is 7 September. There is some travel funding available.

Narelle van der Wel


WCRP-AGU Joint Early Career Researcher Workshop: 

Water Cycle in a 1.5° Warmer World: Interdisciplinary Approaches

7 December 2019, San Francisco, USA

Under the auspices of the WCRP Climate Science Week, the Joint Early Career Researcher (ECR) Workshop “Water Cycle in a 1.5°C warmer world: interdisciplinary approaches’’ aims to bring together students and early career researchers to 1) discuss a joint perspective on the water cycle and governance under climate change, from the fundamental processes to societal impacts, 2) identify how the science of the upcoming generation of researchers can be integrated into the current WCRP Grand Challenges and the new WCRP Strategy, and 3) explore how the various early career researcher networks can work in a more integrative manner, benefit from each other, and improve their communication channels.

Special emphasis will be placed on proposing an ECR roadmap to address the future of water-related research in the context of climate change in an interdisciplinary manner. The workshop will serve to identify research topics where ECRs can make valuable contributions while furthering their career paths in Earth system science and promoting inter- and cross-disciplinary approaches.

Applications can be made on the WCRP website: https://www.wcrp-climate.org/wcrp-agu2019/wcrp-csw-ecw


Dr. Narelle van der Wel    

World Climate Research Programme

c/o World Meteorological Organization                                    
7 bis, Avenue de la Paix                
Case Postale 2300                        
CH-1211 Geneva 2                     

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