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Marco Tedesco-3
Dear colleagues, 

find here 

a new website focusing (obviously !) on melting over Greenland. The idea is to provide the community with a virtual 'agora'  for those who are involved or interested in the many aspects of melting over Greenland, from remote sensing and modeling tools to ground observations. Often, there are many ideas, suggestions, small results and exchanges of information that are lost around and are not published or publishable in a journal. I hope some of them will survive in this virtual box.  

I have been submitting posts but I strongly encourage and ask you to share this role with me in the future, building on the momentum of the extreme events occurring in Greenland and (hopefully) after then. The posts do not have to contain exceptional facts but any information that could help our community to improve the understanding of processes and phenomena. If you plan to contribute, please do so by clicking on the link on the left column of the Home page. If you want to become more 'active', please drop me an email. 

Another scope of the website is the sharing of the archived and near-real time data sets. I have uploaded my times series of surface melting from passive microwave observations and created links to other data sets (such as Xavier Fettweis MAR analysis and Thomas Mote NASA Measures Data Set). The surface melting data set is updated through the end of July 2012 and we are working with other colleagues to deliver NRT melting. In the meantime, I will keep updating the results on the web. If you are willing to contribute with a data set, please feel free to contact me. 

As of now, updates are notified through Twitter (@cryocity) but it would be great if we could have a mailing-list. Is anybody interested in supporting this ?

I hope you will find the site useful and will be willing to contribute.



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The Graduate Center, CUNY, Deputy Exec. Offic. EES PhD program

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