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What's in a name? Tweedsmuir Glacier - RESOLVED

Erik Blake
Thank you for all who replied, and especially to Simon Ommanney for pointing me to Heather Ross at the GNBC Secretariat, NRCan. Her reply, an interesting historical reference in its own right:

Our data base record for Tweedsmuir Glacier, contains the following origin information:
"Submitted by Bradford Washburn, director of Museum of Science and member of National Geographic Society expedition in 1935 after Lord Tweedsmuir, John Buchan (1875-1940) Governor-General of Canada, 1935-1940."
The name became official in 1961, according to the same record.

Many of you found references to the naming of the North/South Tweedsmuir Provincial Parks in BC (also named after Lord Tweedsmuir), but the glacier is not in the park - it straddles the BC/Yukon border about 1000km the north.


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