Workshop - TTT (Texture Topic in Tromsø)

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Workshop - TTT (Texture Topic in Tromsø)

Ilka Weikusat
We wish to draw your attention to a workshop on texture analysis being held at the University of Tromsø, Norway, on October 15-19, 2012.  This workshop is intended to familiarize participants with a method of texture analysis and orientation imaging (the CIP method) and to discuss texture interpretation with a special emphasis on ice.  The workshop is open to all PhD level and postgraduate students and researchers.  More information is available here:

Please contact Renee Heilbronner ([hidden email]) for further details.

Dr. Ilka Weikusat

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research
Am Alten Hafen 26
27568 Bremerhaven

Phone: +49 471 4831 1968
Fax: +49 471 4831 1271
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