Workshop on Ecology of Glacier Forelands; September 17-21 2014; Alpine Research Centre, Obergurgl

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Workshop on Ecology of Glacier Forelands; September 17-21 2014; Alpine Research Centre, Obergurgl

Schallhart, Nikolaus Wilhelm Heinrich

First Circular and Call for Contributions
Workshop: Ecology of Glacier Forelands


September 17-21 2014
Alpine Research Centre, Obergurgl

Organized by:

Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl (University of Innsbruck, Austria)
                Ruediger Kaufmann, Brigitta Erschbamer, Nikolaus Schallhart

MUSE - Museo delle Scienze (Trento, Italy)
                Mauro Gobbi, Valeria Lencioni

Aims and Scope

Over the last years people working on glacier forelands and on pro- or periglacial environments have brought forward highly interesting new aspects from a variety of geographic regions. Among them are really astonishing and unexpected results which raise the question what are local specifics and what are common traits and mechanisms in such environments. This calls for common approaches and joint actions on a super-regional scale. In a follow-up of our 2008 workshop we therefore want to bring together people working on any organisms with their interactions and their abiotic environment in the terrestrial and aquatic habitats of deglaciated terrain of any kind including debris covered glaciers, rock glaciers, and nunataks.

There are two major aims of this workshop:

1. Planning joint actions and harmonizing approaches

2. Outlining a review paper on this topic

Features of the workshop will be

·         Sessions with brief talks to bring everyone up to speed about the latest developments and ideas

·         Workgroups to discuss specific matters such as methodology, particular organism groups, theories and models, etc.

·         Synthesizing the outcome into a plan for joint actions across geographic regions and into a concept for a large review on glacier forelands and periglacial environments.

·         Half-day excursion to a local glacier foreland, and an optional full-day excursion in the region on the last day.

Language of the workshop is English.


The workshop will be held at our University Centre in Obergurgl of which the Alpine Research Centre is a part. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the central divide of the Austrian Alps featuring many beautiful glacier forelands, rock glaciers and whatever periglacial phenomena you want to see. Obergurgl is about an hour and a half to drive from Innsbruck. For participants arriving by train or plane we will organize a gathering point at the University of Innsbruck and arrange transfer to Obergurgl on the evening of Wednesday, 17 September 2014.

There will be no conference fee. Expenses for travel and lodging have to be covered by the participants (half board at the University Centre Obergurgl is EUR 63 per day). If you are a graduate student working in this field and have trouble with funding, please contact us anyway. We will try to find a way to make your participation possible.

Please use our form for registration and to submit contributions (deadline for preliminary titles is 16 February 2014, deadline for final titles and abstracts will be 13 April 2014)


Ruediger Kaufmann [hidden email]


For further informations see:




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