Workshop on cryoturbation, Oslo, Norway, 05.09.2017

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Workshop on cryoturbation, Oslo, Norway, 05.09.2017

Ivar Berthling-2

​We will arrange a small workshop on cryoturbation at the University of Oslo September 5th 2017​, and ask anyone with interest in this theme to consider joining. One aim of the workshop is to work towards an IPA action group proposal on cryoturbation.

Keynote speaker: Professor Bernard Hallet, University of Washington

Workshop topics include, but are not restricted to

  • Cryoturbation in earth system models - is diffusion the only solution?
  • Cryoturbation response to warming permafrost and thicker active layers; will surface burial increase or decrease?
  • Past and present carbon sequestration from cryoturbation and periglacial creep
  • From point measurements to surface displacement fields at the landform scale, but then where? Scaling issues.
Time and place:
Tuesday, 5th of September 2017, 10.00 - 17.00 at the Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo. 

Attending the workshop is free, and lunch will be included. There will be one session of presentations; the regular 15 minutes + 5 min questions/discussion after each presentation, and a final session with round-table summary discussions. The workshop is sponsored by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and is part of a project to safeguard and sustain the measurement series started by Bernard Hallet on the sorted circles on Kvadehuksletta, Svalbard. The workshop will take place right after fieldwork on this project. We have some restricted funds available for reimbursing travel costs; PhD students will have priority.

Registration: Send a mail to the organizer with suggested title of presentation.
Organizer: Professor Ivar Berthling, Department of Geography, NTNU

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