Workshop report: Antarctic Surface Hydrology & Ice-Shelf Stability

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Workshop report: Antarctic Surface Hydrology & Ice-Shelf Stability

Jonathan Kingslake-2
Dear Cryolist,
Last year we held an NSF-funded workshop on Antarctic surface hydrology and ice-shelf stability here at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. 

We have prepared a workshop report that lays out the state-of-the art, as it was represented at the workshop, and some key questions and future science priorities that emerged. The report can be found here:
It is also archived in USAP-DC.

There is a comments section on the workshop website and any feedback you may have on the report is very welcome. Alternatively please don't hesitate to contact the lead organisers, listed below, with any thoughts. 

It is our hope that the report can help inspire and prioritize future work in this fascinating area of glaciology. 

Have a great weekend. 

Jonny Kingslake
Luke Trusel
Marco Tedesco

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