available PhD Position in photogrammetric snow depth mapping

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available PhD Position in photogrammetric snow depth mapping

S WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF
The WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF is part of the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL and thus of the ETH Domain. WSL focuses on the sustainable use and protection of landscapes and habitats, and a responsible approach to natural hazards. WSL employs approximately 500 people, of whom 140 work at SLF in Davos.

The Research Unit Snow Avalanches and Prevention is investigating the formation and dynamics of snow avalanches and is developing methods and early warning systems for the prevention of alpine natural hazards. The research group Avalanche Dynamics and Risk Management is offering a

PhD Position in photogrammetric snow depth mapping
You will acquire and process photogrammetric measurements with drones, airplanes, satellites and ground based cameras to investigate the ability of these platforms to map snow depth in alpine terrain. You will apply existing point matching algorithms and develop innovative approaches to improve these algorithms on snow-covered surfaces. Furthermore you will acquire reference measurements in the field. You will publish your results in acknowledged scientific journals and present them at international conferences.

You hold a master degree in Photogrammetry, Surveying or Remote Sensing and have experience in the topic of snow and alpine terrain. You are fluent in spoken and written English and preferentially are skilled in writing and publishing scientific results. The ability to move safely in rough mountain terrain in summer and winter is essential and you like to do fieldwork under harsh conditions.

Please send your full application to Jasmine Zimmermann, Human Resources WSL/SLF. Yves Bühler, phone +41 (0)81 417 01 63, or Michael Bründl, phone +41 (0)81 417 01 72, will be happy to answer any questions or offer further information. The WSL strives to increase the proportion of women in its employment, which is why qualified women are particularly called upon to apply for this position.

Please apply here:

Online job advertisement:

WSL/SLF job opportunities:


Human Resources

Jasmine Zimmermann
WSL-Institut für Schnee- und Lawinenforschung SLF

Flüelastrasse 11, CH-7260 Davos Dorf

e-Mail: [hidden email]

Tel.: +41-81-417 02 24
Fax: +41-81-417 01 10

http://www.wsl.ch   http://www.slf.ch

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Re: available PhD Position in photogrammetric snow depth mapping

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Dear Zimmermann,
 I am very much interested to apply for the PhD position in "photogrammetric snow depth mapping at WSL-Institut für Schnee- und Lawinenforschung SLF". I request you to kindly state the documents need to be submitted for applying this PhD position as it is not clearly mentioned in the website. Application form is also not available in the website.
Eagerly waiting for your response.
Thanking You

Rajeev Ranjan
IIT Roorkee, INDIA