call for abstract AAG 2012 session:A Perspective on the Changes in Arctic Environment

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call for abstract AAG 2012 session:A Perspective on the Changes in Arctic Environment

Debjani Ghatak

Dear Friend/Colleague,

I’m writing to draw your attention to the following proposed session “A Perspective on the Changes in Arctic Environment” at the Annual Meeting of Association of American Geographers (Feb 24-28th , 2012) in New York. I would like to request you to consider this session when submitting an abstract for AAG. Session proposal is attached herewith. Our session is open to a broad range of topics associated with Arctic environment. The deadline for abstract submission is September 28th 2011. We are looking forward to an interesting and stimulating session. Feel free to contact us.

Hoping to see you in NY,


Debjani Ghatak ([hidden email])

Allan Frei ([hidden email])

Title: A Perspective on the Changes in Arctic Environment

Description: Complex feedback mechanisms which play a major role in the recent and rapid changes over the Pan-Arctic environment are still not clear to us. But the changes are apparent through the huge loss of sea ice, intensification of the freshwater cycle, amplified pan-Arctic warming, degradation of permafrost, the changes in land-surface snowpack, and so on. Change in one component is tied to the change in other component of the physical environment; therefore, it's necessary to bring together the studies on multiple aspects of Arctic climate, hydrology, land-surface and cryosphere to gain an overall understanding of the Arctic processes. This session is open to the presentations about changes in the physical environment over northern high latitudes; for e.g. the role of any feedback in the Arctic, present state of physical environment derived from observations or the results from model simulations.


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