conference on geophysics, DGG 2012, Hamburg, March 5-8

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conference on geophysics, DGG 2012, Hamburg, March 5-8

Angelika Humbert
Dear cryolisters,
I'd like to draw your attention to the conference of the German
Geophysical Society, DGG2012, held in Hamburg, 5-8 March, 2012. The
conference covers topics from seismology, marine seismics, vulcanology
to glaciology and has three key topics:
     Geophysical earth system research
     Passive seismics in applied geophysics
     Natural Hazards and Geophysics
Details can be found here

We hope to welcome you in Hamburg!
Best regards,

Dr. Angelika Humbert
Professor for Glaciology
Institute of Geophysics
University of Hamburg
Bundesstr. 55
D-20146 Hamburg
phone +49 (0)40 42 838 6683
fax   +49 (0)40 42 838 5441

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