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cryolist: Dust and Black Carbon in the Cryosphere- new AGU cryosphere session

Sara Mckenzie Skiles

We would like to bring your attention to a new session [C010. Dust and Black Carbon in the Cryosphere] to be convened at this years AGU fall meeting in San Francisco.


Session Description:

Recent modeling, observations, and reconstructions have that light absorbing impurities such as carbonaceous particles and dust have regionally powerful impacts on snow and glacier melt, with implications for global climate and water cycles. The Anthropocene has seen not only widespread increases in emissions and deposition of black and brown carbon but broad land used changes in the world’s desert regions leading to increased dust emission and deposition to mountain snow cover. This session will focus on observations and modeling of the past, present, and future impacts of dust, carbonaceous particles, and biological absorbers on snowmelt, glacier mass balance, runoff, and atmospheric heating.

Conveners: Thomas Painter (JPL), Mark Flanner (AOS, University of Michigan), and McKenzie Skiles (Geography, UCLA)


If this pertains to the work you plan to present at AGU in December, please keep this session in mind as you prepare and submit your abstract (session C010, abstract deadline- August 8th). 

S. McKenzie Skiles

PhD Student
Department of Geography
Graduate Research Assistant
Joint Institute for Regional Earth System Science and Engineering
University of California- Los Angeles
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