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data request, ice stream velocities

Shawn Marshall
Dear colleagues,

One of my PhD students, Surendra Adhikari, is working on empirical parameterization of lateral shearing between fast-flowing ice streams and adjacent ice. He is interested in the lateral drag arising from either bedrock geometry (e.g. fjords, with fast, channelized ice) or stick/slip basal transitions (e.g. Siple Coast ice streams).  Surendra has done a number of experiments with synthetic geometry and is now in need of some real data to test his model. Geometry and velocity data along a lateral transect from fast to slow-flowing ice would be ideal. If you have any suggestions or are willing to share such data, please contact Surendra at [hidden email].  

With best regards,
Shawn Marshall

Shawn Marshall
Interim Director, Arctic Institute of North America
Canada Research Chair in Climate Change
Department of Geography, University of Calgary
ES356 - 2500 University Dr NW
Calgary AB, T2N 1N4, Canada
[hidden email]
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