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deadline EGU extended to 20th of January

Wal, R.S.W. van de (roderik)

Dear Colleagues,

Glacial/Interglacial variability over the last 1.5 Myr. (CL1.9)

Over the last 1.5 Myr the rhythm of glaciations changed from a 40 kyr world to a 100 kyr world, known as the Mid-Pleistocene Transition (MPT).  This transition does not follow directly from Milankovitch theory. Against the background of the start of a new deep drilling project in Antarctica (Beyond-Epica) covering this period in a few years from now, we encourage the broader paleo community to show their latest results on the mechanisms underlying the transition. We invite presentations on changes in proxies over this time as well as model studies providing insight in the processes and drivers of the Earth climate system over the MPT.

Co-Conveners: Roderik van de Wal, Margaretha Hansson, Eric Wolff
Deadline for abstracts: 13 Jan 2021, 13:00 CET

kind regards,

Roderik, Margaretha and Eric

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