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eLightning at AGU - not just another session

Eric Sproles
Hello there -

eLightning sessions are interactive, short talks followed by discussion. The Cryosphere Sections's eLightning session - Visualizing the Dynamic Cryosphere - provides researchers at all career stages the opportunity present their research orally and digitally at the AGU Fall Meeting.


The goal of eLightning sessions is to promote an engaging experience for the researcher and audience by combining digital posters and a discussion format. These sessions provide extra value for the presenter by including the ability to incorporate videos and audio recordings, and to show complex data sets interactively. This presentations are a great way to move beyond a traditional slide show or paper poster.

Please consider submitting your abstract to this session.

Below is a description.

New observational technologies and analytical techniques are producing ever more data in our effort to understand cryospheric processes and characterize cryospheric change. This session seeks to capitalize on these datasets and techniques through their presentation in the richest possible media. This eLightning session enables cryospheric scientists to present their research at interactive touch screen displays ideal for high resolution imagery, videos, animations, and audio. These digital "posters" have room for unlimited content, enabling conversations to proceed to greater depths than are traditionally possible. For this novel and dynamic session, we solicit submissions that span the cryospheric sciences, including sea ice, seasonal snow, permafrost, glaciers, and ice sheets.

If you have any questions please contact Eric Sproles at [hidden email].

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