egu 2013 session on risks from a changing cryosphere

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egu 2013 session on risks from a changing cryosphere

Christian Huggel

Dear colleagues

at EGU 2013 we will have a new session on: Risks from a changing cryosphere (CR4.2).

The idea of the session is to bring together various research related to aspects of hazards, vulnerabilities and risks across all cryosphere components, including ice sheets, sea ice, permafrost, glaciers and snow. Contributions considering more than one cryosphere component (e.g. glaciers and permafrost) are particularly encouraged. Contributions can consider hazards and risks related to changes in the past, present or future, or may also address new opportunities related to the changing cryosphere.


Please find more information and abstract submission on:


Abstract deadline is 9 January 2013.


David Vaughan, Jeff Kargel, Christian Huggel (conveners)


Christian Huggel
Glaciology, Geomorphodynamics and Geochronology
Department of Geography		phone:	+41 44 635 51 75
University of Zurich		fax: 	+41 44 635 68 41
CH-8057 Zurich			email: [hidden email]

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