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help with coring for sediment sampling

Amir Levy-2
Hello, I'm a PhD student at Keele University, the UK, looking at the impact of glacial retreat on shallow groundwater in SE Iceland. As part of my project, I'm looking at groundwater fluxes within a lake, using groundwater head differences in piezometers (shallow boreholes). This requires determining the hydraulic conductivity of the sediment, which requires sediment samples from depths of 150, 100 and 50cm below the lake bed (about 50cm deep). So, the total depths will be about 200, 150 and 100, of which 50cm would be water. I would appreciate colleagues' input and advice on how to obtain these sediment samples. The sediment is quite sandy, hence, using a regular coring kit might not be feasible, as it will slip off it.

thanks very much for your time and help.

Amir Levy
Keele University

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