karthaus reunion at EGU2012

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karthaus reunion at EGU2012

Gudmundsson, Hilmar

Karthaus reunion at EGU2012

I appologize for a slight misuse of `cryolist' but since there are about 50 or so members of the list to whom this email is addressed I feel justified in doing this.

The `Karthaus Summer School reunion' at EGU2012 takes place on Thursday 26 April in Vienna. We will meet at the Restauran Griechenbeisl, Fleischmarkt 11 - A-1010 Wien.

Info about the restaurant and directions on how to get there: http://www.griechenbeisl.at/lang_en/page.asp/index.htm

The `Musikzimmer' has been reserved for the group from 8pm. http://www.griechenbeisl.at/lang_en/page.asp/1066.htm#Musikzimmer

To simplify things a bit may I ask you to get back to me with your food preferences. Please select between:

A) Vegetarian main: Trio of ravioli with brown butter and vegetables (DREIERLEI NUDELTASCHERLN) EUR 17.10
B) Fish: KROSS GEBRATENES ZANDERFILET (roasted pike perch) EUR: 22.70

In addition to this there is a salad entree (EUR 8.90) which I will assume everyone is taking unless I'm otherwise notfied.

Below is a list of all those that have contacted me. If your name is not on the list just let me know, we can still add a few more persons to that list.

Looking forward to see you all!

Hilmar ([hidden email])

Adrian Jenkins
Aim'ee Slangen
Albrect Torsten
Andrew Fowler
Antje Fitzner
Arjen Stroeven
Catriona Fyffe
Christian Schoof
Emili Collier
Florian Ziemen
G. Hilmar Gudmundsson
Gwendolyn Leysinger-Vieli
Hans Oerlemans
Harijke Habermann
Harry Zekollari
Heid Roborg
Huilin Li
Irina Gorodetska
Jakob de Violine
Jan de Rydt
Johannes Fuerst
Jonathan Gregory
J. R. Carr
Kirk Sherler
Luisa Cristini 
Mai Winstrup
Mauro Werder
Michael Kuhn
Nanna Karlsson
Naraelle van der Wel
Olvier Gagliardini
Paul Leclercq
Paul Vallelonga
Peter Kuipers Munneke
Reinhard Drews
Rianne Giesen
Ricarda Winkelmann
Rosie Williams
Sabine Baumann
Sebastian B. Simonsen
Sebastian Goeller
Thomas Flamen
Thomas Moelg
Tom Cowton
Willem Jan
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