last chance to register for WAIS Workshop - closes today!

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last chance to register for WAIS Workshop - closes today!

Betsy Sheffield
24th Annual WAIS Workshop
October 8-11, 2017
Camp Casey Conference Center
Whidbey Island, Coupeville, Washington, USA

Registration for WAIS is OPEN, but only through midnight MDT today!

With nearly 80 abstracts, this year's WAIS Workshop will showcase the latest research in the field. Officials from NSF and BAS will provide updates on the Thwaites initiative. And, the entire WAIS community is well-represented, from Bob Bindschadler (who began the Workshops years ago) to two dozen student support requests to researchers new to the workshop and those who have attended for many many years. Whidbey Island on the Puget Sound is a beautiful place to visit, with coastal hiking along the ocean, scenic vistas, and lots of wilderness. Registration is a bargain at $300 and includes lodging for three nights and meals.

On the fence? View the abstract list here. Note that we are no longer accepting abstracts; the deadline has passed. For details about the location and format of the 2017 Workshop, visit our web site:

To register for the meeting, click here:

Questions? Email [hidden email]

Best regards,
Ted Scambos, Knut Christianson, and Betsy Sheffield
2017 WAIS Workshop Coordinators

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