new 2012 IceBridge snow depth and sea ice thickness product available from NSIDC

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new 2012 IceBridge snow depth and sea ice thickness product available from NSIDC

Studinger, Michael  (GSFC-614.1)[Affiliate]

Dear Sea Ice Community,


I’d like to draw your attention to a new sea ice thickness and snow depth product over the Arctic Ocean that is available from NSIDC. These are data that have been collected in March and April 2012.


In spring 2012 NASA’s Operation IceBridge undertook a coordinated effort to provide large-scale airborne survey data that supported the development of seasonal summer sea ice prediction capabilities. Operation IceBridge, by design, routinely provides sea ice thickness and snow depth data over the Arctic Ocean, initially collected in the March/April time frame, within a year of the field campaign ( A major challenge in providing support for predictions of the summer sea ice conditions was the need to dramatically increase the rate of delivery of these data, with the aim of making available by mid-May just 1 month after its collection. Using a newly-developed quick production method, data from the IceBridge instrument suite (including laser and radar altimeters, aerial photography, and infrared sensors) were successfully processed within approximately one month after data collection, providing a synergistic view of current sea ice properties including sea ice thickness, snow depth, and surface roughness. Also provided in the quick-look products are uncertainties associated with the data, facilitating their use in models that are designed to assimilate the data. 


The new 2012 data product is available at:


The products contain several geophysical parameters derived from laser altimeter, snow radar, and digital aerial photography measurements. Please send comments related to the science to myself ([hidden email]) and Nathan Kurtz ([hidden email]). The IceBridge Project Science Office at Goddard and the IceBridge Sea Ice Science Team will jointly review the community comments.


Greetings from Thule Greenland, from the still ongoing IceBridge campaign,





Michael Studinger


Project Scientist Operation IceBridge

Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology JCET/UMBC

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory, Code 615

Greenbelt, MD 20771

Phone: +1-301-614-6908

e-mail: [hidden email]



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