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Chris Marsh
Hi all,

I'm one of the moderators for Cryolist.

With increasing frequency, people are posting to Cryolist with subjects such as "Please post this to Cryolist". Some even request of us moderators to select an appropriate subject. For a mailing list such as Cryolist with thousands of readers who have limited time, it makes it very difficult for people to browse new postings if subject lines are not filled out appropriately. 

The way submissions to Cryolist work is the following:

- You compose your email exactly as you want it to appear to the rest of the list.
- You email it to [hidden email]
- If you are pre-moderated, it instantly goes to the list exactly as you composed it. No moderator ever sees it.
- Otherwise it goes to the queue where we look over the new messages. We filter out spam, messages that have nothing to do with Cryolist (very infrequent), etc.
- The email then goes to the list .

We do not modify your messages. If the subject line is "Please put something informative here", it will go to the list with the subject "Please put something informative here."

So please, compose the email exactly as you want it to go to the list. Please do not put any of the following in the body or subject line:

- Please post to cryolist
- Please accept this for cryolist
- Please forward this to the list
- Can you post this to Cryolist?
- Please change subject to something informative
- etc.

This will allow for messages to be easily found by interested parties, and will help keep the quality of the list at a maximum.

We will begin rejecting messages to the list that do not have appropriate subject lines. 

If you have any questions/concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for being members of Cryolist,

Chris Marsh

Chris Marsh
MSc Candidate

13 Kirk Hall
University of Saskatchewan

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