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The Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP) has for decades involved undergraduate and graduate students in various aspects of icefield science (glaciology, arctic botany, alpine glacial geology, and climate science) while training for an glacial expedition that crosses the icefield from Juneau to Atlin Lake B.C., Canada during an 8-week program.  You will find more on the JIRP Facebook that contains great images of last summer. is another good source of information.  There you will find illustrated reference to the nature of the science we do and more images.

Interested students will find application information on the JIRP website (  Dates for next summer are June 23 to August 18, 2012.  The application deadline is March 15, 2012.  However, early acceptance will secure a position limited to 25 students.  Direct inquiries to:  [hidden email].

Easy enough, thanks,
P. Jay Fleisher
JIRP Director
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