polar modelers invited to CSDMS Geoprocesses-Geohazards meeting

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polar modelers invited to CSDMS Geoprocesses-Geohazards meeting

Irina Overeem

Announcement for support for May 22-24th, CSDMS meeting attendance


Are you studying polar processes and interested in using numerical models? Do you work on polar and glacial landscapes and would your research benefit from learning more on data cyberinfrastructure and high performance computing? Check this out, note the announcement has a quick turn-around time!


The Polar Computing Research Coordination Network has teamed up with CSDMS –the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System- to incite connections between earth surface processes modelers and cryosphere process modelers.


The Polar Research Coordination Network aims to connect the Polar Science, Data and High-Performance and Distributed Computing communities to enable deeper penetration of computing methods and cyberinfrastructure into the polar sciences. CSDMS –the Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System is focused on earth surface processes modeling, and has interest to bridge to permafrost, sea ice, ice sheet and glacial modelers.


To build connections between these communities, we offer 8-10 stipends to support attendance to the Annual Meeting on ‘Geoprocesses, Geohazards’, in Boulder Colorado.

May 22-24th, 2018.


Support includes registration, travel, and lodging under the following conditions: 

Travel reimbursement only is for travel within the US, with a maximum of $500, and local travel from Denver Airport to Boulder at $70. Lodging will be provided at the designated meeting hotel (for the evenings of May 21st, 22nd and 23rd, shared rooms at 100% of cost and single rooms at 50% of cost), breakfast and lunch each day of the meeting and one dinner, shuttle service between meeting hotel and meeting venue. Per diem, parking, or local transportation fees will not be reimbursed.


Please send us a short paragraph motivating your interest in participating by March 15th, and we will respond within the same week. Email: [hidden email]


Upon approval, or when you do not need support for attendance, you can register and submit your abstract here:




We look forward to seeing you in Boulder, Colorado –


On behalf of the Polar Computing RCN and CSDMS


Irina Overeem

Dr. Irina Overeem
CSDMS Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System
INSTAAR, University of Colorado at Boulder
PO Box 450, 80309-0450
Boulder, CO, USA
phone: +1-303-4926631

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