postdoc position at Lamont in paleoclimatology, geochemistry, and sea level studies

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postdoc position at Lamont in paleoclimatology, geochemistry, and sea level studies

Jacky Austermann-2
The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University invites applications for a full-time postdoctoral research scientist position within the fields of paleoclimatology, geochemistry, and sea level studies. The successful candidate will join a dynamic and interdisciplinary group of scientists working on a wide range of interrelated problems examining Earth’s past climate history, ocean chemistry, ice sheet stability, sea level, and the interactions of the solid Earth, ocean, and cryosphere.

The successful applicant will join a project led by Dr. Maureen Raymo, collaborating with Drs. Jacky Austermann and Steve Goldstein, studying how sea level and ice volume have changed in the past, especially during past warm periods. A critical part of this multi-disciplinary effort is to date field evidence for past sea level high-stands, in particular during the Eemian. The successful candidate will undertake fieldwork and related U-series coralline age analyses leading to a better understanding of Pleistocene sea level history in tropical carbonate environments.

A recent Ph.D. in Earth Sciences or a related discipline is required. Field experience as well as geochemical and U-series dating analysis experience in carbonate environments is essential. Experience in computer programming is preferred, as well as research experience directly relevant to the research activities described above.

Link to posting and additional info:

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