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Arcone, Steven A ERDC-CRREL-NH

Fall AGU Session C37:  Wind Glaze and Antidunes in East Antarctica
Abstract:  Recent radar and satellite surveys find widespread wind glaze (near-zero accumulation) and enhanced localized accumulation in East Antarctica. Antidunal forms have windward slope accumulation zones that migrate, forming thick sequences up to tens of km long.  Leeward slopes are wind glaze areas, underlain by intense multi-decadal firn metamorphism and near-complete recrystallization in the upper few meters.  Deep radar profiles indicate these processes last for thousands of years, interspersed with accumulation hiatuses that may indicate temporary climate change.  The session addresses the dynamics and kinematics of these processes, mapping of their extent, and models of dune field formation, snow deposition and metamorphism.

Conveners:  Steven Arcone, US Army CRREL; Ted Scambos, University of Colorado; Anna Sinisalo, Norwegian Polar Institute
Abstracts due August 4

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