programmer position (focus on visualization) at Alfred Wegener Institute Potsdam

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programmer position (focus on visualization) at Alfred Wegener Institute Potsdam

Thomas Schneider von Deimling

Dear Cryolist community,

we have a job vacancy for a programmer - not a "typical Cryolist-Position" - but a position of potential interest for those with an interest in applied science, making a permafrost modelling tool available to end users outside academia:

Job announcement:
For our technology-transfer funded project a position of a Programmer (focus on visualization) is to be filled as soon as possible.

Project description
In our group, we are developing and applying a land surface model (CryoGrid) for understanding environmental changes in permafrost landscapes.  In this project, funded by the AWI technology-transfer centre, we want to bring the model from its scientific context to applied science and making it applicable to potential end-users coming from different fields (e.g. agriculture, geothermal energy use).
It is the goal of the project to produce an interactive high resolution map for Germany which allows the user to extract information about the thermal state of the ground at different depths for specific regions. Changes due to climate change will be highlighted and should serve as a base for decision makers.

  • Generation of a user-friendly graphical map of soil temperatures, including various functionalities for inter-active user operation
  • Adaption of an existing land-surface model for site-conditions typical for Germany
  • Validation of simulated soil temperatures at specific locations with observed data
  • Performance of ensemble simulations for Germany on a computing cluster
  • Bachelor in (Geo)-Informatics, Computer Science, Geoengineering, Geo-Ecology, (Geo)-Physics, Geography, Physics, Mathematics, or related disciplines
  • Advanced experience with Python and Java-Script
  • Experience with data visualization in web environments
  • Knowledge of dealing with cluster systems and of shell scripting
Further information can be found here:
Dr. Thomas Schneider von Deimling

Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research (AWI)
Telegrafenberg A43 | D-14473 Potsdam

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