!st SCAR Antpas Workshop Varese, 4-5 October 2017

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!st SCAR Antpas Workshop Varese, 4-5 October 2017

Guglielmin Mauro

Dear Colleagues,

In the attachement you can find the circular with all the information about the 1st SCAR ANTPAS  workshop.

THe deadline for abstract submission is the 1st June 2017 while the deadline for the payment is 1st of September.

I hope to see you in Varese.


Prof. Ph.D. Mauro Guglielmin
Associate Professor of Physical Geography and Geomorphology
Department of Theoretical and Applied Science, Insubria University
Via J.H. Dunant, 21100,
Varese Italy
Phone + 39 0332 421412
Fax +39 0332 421330
Cell. + 39 3488040759

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