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IASC "Cutting barriers in snow knowledge" Workshop 0 replies CRYOLIST
4th Snow Science Winter School open for application 0 replies CRYOLIST
Session "Snow and ice in Antarctica" at SCAR Open Science Conference 2016 0 replies CRYOLIST
European Snow Science Winter School in Sodankylä, Finland 0 replies CRYOLIST
Intercomparison of Snow Grain Size Measurements Workshop, March 9-14, 2014, Davos, Switzerland 0 replies CRYOLIST
What is special about C031: Uncertainty in snow measurements and modeling: influence on understanding the cryosphere? 0 replies CRYOLIST
Post-doctoral position in snowphysics at the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research, Davos, Switzerland 0 replies CRYOLIST
EGU 2011: Ice and its microstructure: commonalities and difference (CR1.30) 0 replies CRYOLIST